At Master Rajnish’s Tai Chi Academy with more than two decades’ experience with Yang Style Tai Chi.  Students can pursue whole-body wellness that harmoniously melds mind and matter while providing an energizing workout. Using gentle flowing movements that showcase hard and soft martial-art techniques, Tai Chi proves an effective stress-shedder while boosting self confidence, flexibility, and ability to reach remote controls with one’s feet; allowing students to enjoy an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and cattle ranching. The weekend is suitable for beginners and those with a little knowledge of Tai Chi. It will not suit anyone who considers themselves vastly experienced. Some of the aims for each participant will be:
• To learn a  short form of Tai Chi
• To experience several forms of meditation
• To understand themselves better - To lose some of their excess baggage
• To relax both internally and externally
• To discover an inner discipline
• And to have fun!

Shape up with ancient martial arts       
Lauzi, born in 604BC a mystic philosopher of ancient China once said, "Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom." Participants of all ages and even those suffering from arthritis can benefit from Tai Chi, while an included basic uniform (pants, school T-shirt, and bare foot) ensures that they’ll look the part of a chi-channelling virtuoso. Additionally, a private lesson with an experienced Tai Chi wielder will treat you to detailed instruction that hones your form further.                                                                       
Stubborn habits, stale ways of thinking, the winter blahs … a new year should be a time of opportunity; a time when our outlook is fresh rather than caught up in the past; a time when we rid mind and body of worry and tension in favour of serenity and relaxation
Increasingly, many people are turning to such revered practices as the ancient Chinese martial art form of Tai Chi to help balance body and mind.  At Yang Style Tai Chi is being offered for students of all skill levels
As one of the five traditional styles of Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Style is considered to be very technologically advanced.  It incorporates controlled movements and breathing techniques, referred to as “meditation in motion”, while helping its practitioners achieve maximum health benefits.
It's time for that spring clean when we're expected to dust off every nook and cranny -- so why not give your body a good sprucing up too with this deal. Delhi's friendly instructors will bring you up to speed with this popular Zen-like exercise. You'll find inner peace as well as being re-energised on the hunt for your Qi. Be sure to sweep up this deal quickly -- it won't be around long enough to gather dust

Chi Kung (qigong)     

All forms of meditation though similar in concept are very different in practice. For example Buddhists see their meditation as essentially a spiritual process seeking mental liberation and enlightenment. In Tai Chi meditation is focused on the training of consciousness and the development of the vital energy Chi. The breathing is slowed and deepened and it is projected from the diaphragm as opposed to the chest and at the same time mentally concentrating the Chi to the Tan Tien point which is about two inches below the navel and about two inches inside your body. To practice all forms of meditation one must be completely relaxed. The aims of the different postures are to stimulate and concentrate the Chi so that it can then be used for self healing, spiritual awareness or self defence. Used by a master this energy can be used for healing other people, similarly to the western concept of healing with hands or spiritual healing.

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