An increase in students physical strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation
improved individual student capacities for focusing, concentration and retention of new information
positive impact on students social and psychological development as expressed in higher self esteem (confidence, efficacy) and body awareness
increased ease in classroom management for both students and teachers
greater management of life stressors for both students and teachers

Some yoga poses involve standing like a statue; these postures encourage physical strength, flexibility, and attention and concentration skills. More active postures build strong muscles and help improve performance in other sports. Self- awareness can help build confidence and breathing exercises help children to feel relaxed, calm and even sleep better at night.


Physical benefits of yoga

An increase in childhood obesity means that any form of physical activity will be beneficial to children. Yoga has the added benefit of being non-competitive, and the postures are slow enough for anyone to participate including disabled children. The postures help to stretch and tone the muscles, they create flexibility within the skeletal system and also have a positive effect on the development and maintenance of healthy nervous and endocrine systems.

Mental benefits of yoga

Yoga encourages a childs creativity and also helps to develop good attention and concentration skills. The learning of breathing and relaxation techniques also improves concentration and memory retention as well as simply giving the child the ability to learn to rest, relax and reduce levels of anxiety

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