Do I need to be fit to join?
Absolutely not. At MMA India, our focus is to help you achieve your personal goals! Whether it is to lose 10 kilos, to learn self-defense, to compete in martial arts, or to attain a 5% body fat level, your goals are within reach with any of our Programs. We will help you by pushing you to your limits! We teach everyone complete beginners.

Do I need experience to start?
No, not at all. We will teach you everything. You will have a blast, get fit, and learn a ton! All of our programs are tailored for fun, fitness, and self-defense. In fact, our instructors are exceptional with beginners.
Is it safe?
Yes! At MMA India, our #1 priority is SAFETY. We make it as safe as any other active sport like running, basketball, or tennis. By creating a safe environment. MMA India, is focused on risk minimization. Of course, accidents can happen (just as in any other active sport), but they are quite rare. You will not experience any contact unless you want it AND our instructors approve your request based on your skill level.
What are the classes like?
Come down and see it for yourself! MMA India, has the highest standards of excellence and you can expect the best martial arts instruction available anywhere. Our classes are dedicated to your fun, fitness, self-defense, and well-being. At MMA India, we believe in having a TON OF FUN!!! Our classes are high energy with plenty of music, sweat, and fun.
What about women?
Most definitely! In fact, some of our most talented students are women. For a woman, it is very empowering to know that she can protect herself in 95% of self-defense situations. It is a skill that you carry for life. All of our programs are designed for both men and women together. We also have programs specifically designed for women. If you love having fun, want to get fit, and learn authentic self-defense, then come join us at MMA India.
What about children?
Our Children’s Program is fantastic. At MMA India,, we believe that learning martial arts is an excellent way to teach your child about self-discipline, achievement, confidence, and self-defense. Our Children’s Program is focused on helping your child develop life-skills such as work ethic, discipline, confidence, and more. Call us to learn more!
What equipment do I need?
It depends on which classes you decide to join. For Muay Thai, you will need gloves and hand wraps (and a cup for men). For BJJ, you will need a Gi. For MMA, you will need MMA gloves (and a cup for men). Please note that everything can be found in the MMA India, Retail Store located in our gym.
What are the hours of operation?
We are open 7 days a week! So you can train whenever you feel like it.
What makes MMA India, different?
We stand by our reputation as the best martial arts academy. At MMA India,, you can expect the highest quality martial arts instruction available anywhere in the world.  MMA India, is a different kind of school because our entire focus is on you and how we can help you achieve your goals in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. We are open 7 days a week. As a member, you become part of the MMA India, family. Our culture is one where we all help each other and look out for each other. Equally important, all of our programs are 100% authentic. At MMA India, we promise that you will get more for your hard-earned money.
Can I take private 1-on-1 lessons with MMA India, instructors?
Yes, absolutely! Typically, you will learn at a rate 4x faster if you take private 1-on-1 lessons. If you would like to book a private lesson with one of our instructors, please email us

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